Los Chajá Ecolodge


Experimenta, aprende y diviértete colaborando en nuestro proyecto.

Te apasionan los caballos y la naturaleza?

Te encanta la vida de campo y trabajar al aire libre?

Montas a caballo y estás deseando aprender más sobre su manejo natural?

experimenta los chajá

Ser voluntario es la forma más auténtica, divertida y enriquecedora para conocer el contenido detrás de escena de un proyecto. 

Hemos sido voluntarios nosotros mismos, viajando por diferentes países, y nos encanta esta modalidad de viaje-aprendizaje.

pasión, hecha forma de vida

Por eso queremos abrir las puertas a otros apasionados de los caballos que quieran compartir y ayudarnos con el día a día en nuestro hogar y forma de vida, viviendo junto a nosotros y nuestros animales (caballos, perros y gatos), en este pequeño (nuestro) paraíso!

algunos que ya pasaron por aquí:

“Un intercambio riquísimo! una oportunidad de vivencia con los caballos muy buena. Mauro y Laura saben muchísimo y están siempre dispuestos a enseñar y ayudar.”


Ana, Brasil, 2023

“I stayed three weeks with Mauro and Laura and it was just amazing! Better than I ever could have expected and I learned so much, from how to put on a rope halter or really take care of your body language towards the horses to trimming hooves (definitely harder than it looks ;P) and very much more.

The two are very willing to show and tell you how they live and how they built this up and also how they came to this natural horsemanship style. Luckily I was able to work really a lot with the horses and I could go on many ridings which was also great for seeing the landscape around Valizas and having contact with some tourists. I had the chance to ride many different horses and a lot bareback and even when you're an english type of rider it's not hard to get used to the Uruguayan style of western riding. The horses are very sensitive and all very nice, though some of them of course have their quirks, like all horses do 🙂 I got the chance to work daily with one horse and train to lift his feet and I hope that Merengue is still doing better...There is also non horse related work to do like cleaning the tack, taking out plants, sorting timber or checking fences and stuff like this but it was never too much and they borrowed me a hat which was really nice, thank you again! The accommodation is very simple and you should not be afraid of animals no matter if they have two, four, six or eight legs, but you really have your own space. You need to cook for your own and sometimes I was invited to eat with them, for example when we came back from a riding too late. I also met Laura´s parents and her mother makes the best Italian dishes! I think I didn´t work five hours on one day but it's hard to say because the work with the horses doesn't feel like work at all and when your on the ridings it's hard to count hours. Of course they asked me if I would like to take my freetime in the afternoons and it would have been no problem. Your free day is flexible and it's great to just relax on the beach or play with the dogs or cuddle with some horses. The days start at different times from around seven to nine, depending on if or when there are ridings. There are daily tasks like refilling the water or taking out plants when there is time (I always got the best "help" by Bruno, Bayuno and Pingo and of course the best time to try and eat the plants is when the wheelbarrow is completely full and everything will fall out again ;D) I still miss the horses and dogs and cat and just the whole feeling so much and I promise that one day I´ll come back! There is so much more I would love to tell but I could never stop, so you should just make your own experiences with Cabalgatas Valiceras! If you are a horse and nature lover and open minded to learn new things and ways and don´t need company or party all the time you won't regret it! Thank you Mauro and Laura for this wonderful, amazing, interesting and funny time! I will always remember this! You do a great job and your horses can be very lucky to have you. Abrazos, Magda”

Magdalena, Alemania, 2020

“I’ve spent two nice weeks with Mauro and Laura at their big ranch in Valizas, a small place full of people during the summer and quiet and relax outside of the season.

The job was different depending on the day, but usually something around the house, digging the sand, painting the wood, cutting the grass... I usually worked 4-5 hours in the morning and two more hours in the afternoon. However there were days when Mauro had something to work with the horses, so I used that time to learn something about those animals. I've got an introduction into their interesting world and I liked that very much. Conditions were very good. Good and abundant food, decent Internet, hot shower and mattress in a separate cabin. The place is very nice, 15 minutes walking from Barra de Valizas. Horses are beautiful. And hosts are very well educated and ready to share their knowledge. They introduced me to some of their friends, helped me organize my trip to Cabo Polonio and even prepared delicious dinner on the evening of my departure. I'm very thankful to have had opportunity to enjoy my stay there and to learn something new. If I come back to Uruguay I will definitely visit this place again.”

Arsen, República Checa, 2019

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